Athens at the selfies' top ten

The capital city of Greece, Athens, is among the top 10 selfie capitals of the world, according to a list drawn up by travel site Suggestme.com. Syntagma square and the Acropolis attracted people to get a selfie photo.

London has beat off metropolises including New York, Amsterdam and Barcelona to be named the selfie capital of the world.

Iconic landmarks Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace are the most irresistible locations for people to capture a self-portrait.

According to social media analysis, more than 14 per cent of selfies were found to be captured in the city.

Suggestme.com analysed 6.3 million social media messages from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere to produce the results.

Times Square and Statue of Liberty helped New York to get the second place. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Sydney, Istanbul, and Athens complete the top 10. Among the individual landmarks, the Colosseum in Rome trumps all over global attractions as the most popular selfie backdrop.

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